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Kamdhenu Cow With Calf size 19 cm Hand Painted Statue for Hindu God

Kamdhenu Cow With Calf size 19 cm Hand Painted Statue for Hindu God

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Benefits of keeping Kamdhenu cow and calf statue at home

A carrier of overall health and well-being, the cow and calf statues would help you bring the below-mentioned positive influences in your home:

  •   Health
  •   Wealth
  •   Prosperity
  •   Peace
  •   Success
  •   Positivity

The cow and calf statues are believed to be helpful for those households where a couple is facing difficulties in having children. 




Vastu directions to keep Kamdhenu cow and calf statue at home

According to Vastu rules, the Ishan Kon, north-east direction of your house, is the ideal place to keep a statue of the Kamdhenu cow and calf. As Ishan Kon is a sacred place reserved for gods according to Hindu beliefs, keeping the Kamdhenu cow statue that carries all gods, in the north-east direction is the best option.

If this is not possible, you can keep the Kamdhenu cow statue either in north or the eastern part of your house. The same Vastu rules apply while placing Kamdhenu cow statues at your workplace.

Best room to keep Kamdhenu cow-calf statue at home

If your house has a room for worshiping, something commonly found in Hindu households, it would be the best place to keep the Kamdhenu cow statue, as per Vastu rules.

You can also place the Kamdhenu cow statue at the entrance of your house. It is common for Hindu households to keep cattle at the entrance, especially in rural areas. Cows stand as testimony for wealth and prosperity of the household. 

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